• Racold Heat Pump Water Heater

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    Racold Heat Pump Water Heater

    Racold Heat Pump Water Heater

    Racold Heat Pumps is a device that moves heat from one location to another. It can be thought of as a heat engine operating in reverse direction. Air source heat pumps use outside air as heat source and heat is moved from the air to the water. Coefficient of performance (COP) of a heat pump is the ratio of useful heat movement to work input. COP of heat pumps varies from 3 to 4. .
    Heat pump operating principle
    1. The refrigerant in the evaporator is kept at a lower temperature than the external heat source, so the heat will flow into the fluid and make it evaporate.
    2. The vapour is then compressed to an higher temperature and pressure.
    3. The hot vapour will enter the condenser, exchange heat and condensate.
    4. The fluid will pass through an expansion valve, where its temperature and pressure is lowered, and the whole process to start again.



    Model Available

    Racold Heat Pumps are available with both mono and split to meet wider consumer needs.

    • 1. Frankie 1 (mono, 65L, 80L)
    • 2. Frankie 3( split, 80L,100L)


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    Titanium Tank

    A new technology which uses titanium enamelling for the inner container ensuring greater corrosion resistance against hard water.
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    Intelligent Controller

    Microprocessor based controller displays the hot water temperature and quantity and helps you choose between Standard , Timing,Night and Sleep modes
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    High Efficiency Compressor

    It ensures faster heat exchange, more hot water and increased savings
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    PRO TECH technology

    Protects your water heater electronically by means of two complementary elements: a titanium anode and set modulating current
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    Quick heating

    In this option the water heater work in both Heat Pump and Heating Element mode, giving instant hot water
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    Isolated Safe Condenser

    Designed according to european standards, this ensures safety and superior conduction of heat.
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