• V-GUARD Digital UPS, Inverter

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    V-GUARD Digital UPS, Inverter


    Digital UPS is nothing but a combination of UPS and Inverter. In a normal inverter you can connect only your electrical loads like Lightings, Fans etc. If you are trying to connect your computer in an inverter, during the power failure the computer may get rebooted. And there will not be any voltage protections in the case of an inverter. But in the case of a Home UPS you can have two provisions (a) normal mode and (b) UPS mode, selectable by an external switch. By selecting the UPS mode you will gat an extremely safe change over with a safe range of voltage protections and your computer even never blink. So, you can run your computer safely along with your lighting loads.
    An innovative power back-up device,V-Guard Digital UPS, comes with latest technology and unique features to handle power failures efficiently.Extra efficient, easy to use, convenient, cheaper in price compared to conventional generators.

    Different Models

    > DU SERIES – Sine Wave Models


    DU 600 Plus du-600
    - Generator compatibility,Sine wave output, UPS Capacity: 600VA, Voltage On Battery: 210V

    DU 800 Plus du-800
    - UPS Capacity: 800VA,Soft start facility, DSP Based Design, Sine wave output

    DU 1400 Plus du-1400
    - UPS Capacity: 1400VA, Intelligent audio/visual indications, Intelligent thermal management


    DU 2500 du-2500
    - Capacity 2500 VA, D.C Bus Voltage 48V D.C, Output Waveform Sine wave,Charging current 10 A ± 2A

    DU 3500 du-3500
    - Capacity 3500 VA, D.C Bus Voltage 48V D.C, Output Waveform Sine wave, Full Load O/P Current 10.5 ± 0.5A

    DU 5500 du-5500
    - Capacity 5500 VA, D.C Bus Voltage 96V D.C, Charging topology Boost mode, Backup time Depends up on connected Load

    DU 10000 du-10000
    - Capacity 10000 VA, D.C Bus Voltage 180V D.C, Inverter topology H – Bridge, Over Load Retry 6 Times

    > EI POWER SERIES – Pseudo Sine Wave Models

    ei-300 Ei Power 300 Plus
    - Microcontroller based line interactive technology, Space saving design, Soft Start facility
    ei-600 Ei Power 600 Plus
    - Pseudo sine wave output, Intelligent Thermal Management, Intelligent audio/visual indications
    ei-800 Ei Power 800 Plus
    - Quick Battery charging mode, SCR based Smart Charger, Smart Overload and Short Circuit Protection
    ei-1400 Ei Power 1400 Plus
    - Pseudo sinve wave output,Generator compatibility, Battery over charge / Deep discharge protection


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    DSP based line interactive technology

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    Sine wave output

    For DU Series
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    High frequency design

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    Soft start facility

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    Intelligent audio/visual indications

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    Generator compatibility

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    Intelligent Thermal Management

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    Selectable battery option

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